Chiara Marletto is a Research Fellow at Wolfson College and the Physics Department, University of Oxford. Her research is in theoretical physics, with special emphasis on Quantum Theory of Computation, Information Theory, Thermodynamics, Condensed-Matter Physics, and Quantum Biology. Some of her recent research has harnessed a recently proposed generalization of the quantum theory of information – Constructor Theory — to address subtle issues at the foundations of the theory of control and causation in physics. These include applications to defining general principles encompassing classical, quantum, and post-quantum theories of information; and the definition of a new class of witnesses of quantum effects in systems that need not obey quantum theory, such as gravity; and a scale-independent definition of irreversibility, work, and heat, based on constructor-theoretic ideas. Chiara’s new book about her research, “The science of can and can’t”, will be out in spring 2021, published by Penguin.