Dr. Papile leads BraneCell’s world-class team in the development of our qubit array hardware, aimed at
unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 and strategic applications of USA and NATO interest.  
His research has included the synthesis of well-defined transition metal (< 10 atom) clusters, ionic
liquids, supramolecular chemistry, 3D nano-scale cell architectures, 2D ceramic membranes, low-and
room-temperature infrared light interaction with transition metal dots and synchrotron light induced
and backscattered spherical waves.  
Globally significant technologies he invented/developed include: the preferred industrial polycarbonate
monomer catalyst material system (WO2018200278), renewable PVC (WO2017216272), sustainable
ammonia technology, ultra-low-CO 2 hydrogen production, magnetically susceptible material processes
(US 8549857), metal superoxide combustion (WO2008113061) for the circular economy, on-board fuel
cell vehicle H 2 producing materials (WO2000066487) and the BraneCell granted and applied patents.  He
was co-founder of Catalyte, and was part of the original management team that started-up of Epyx Fuel
Cells, out of Arthur D. Little, Inc.
He works for and cares about quantum engineering for the betterment of all persons and the
environment. Qubit array results will provide humanity a window to something profound, benefiting in
ways not yet known, when we abide with the good and the unfolding of truth. Dr. Papile is published in
peer-reviewed scientific journals and his quantum engineering work makes-its-way to practical
outcomes and business cases though his international industrial experience.