Ekaterina Almasque is a General Partner at OpenOcean, a venture capital firm founded by entrepreneurs behind MySQL. OpenOcean invests in enabling technologies for the data-driven future, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, data infrastructure, and automation, with its main focus on B2B software in Europe. Ekaterina is on the board of IQM, the European leader for superconducting quantum computers. Before joining OpenOcean, she was a Managing Director of the Samsung Catalyst Fund in Europe, Samsung’s Electronics $500M venture capital multistage investment fund focused on core technology areas including robotics, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, digital health, data infrastructure, and device-level technologies. She led investments across Europe in companies such as GraphCore, Mapillary, AIMotive, Sentiance, and Quobyte, as well as several venture funds. For over ten years prior to that, Ekaterina was part of several corporate and independent venture capital funds in Silicon Valley and Europe.