Fabio Sanches is the Product Manager for QC Ware, where he is designing QC Ware’s quantum algorithms software platform, Forge, offering functionality in optimization, machine learning, and chemistry simulation. In additional to the quantum algorithms functionality Forge also provides enterprise users easy access to quantum hardware. As hardware technology matures, the algorithms powering Forge are expected to provide an advantage over state of the art classical algorithms for certain problems.
In addition to overseeing the development of Forge, Fabio is also a senior scientist at QC Ware, conducting research on quantum algorithms with emphasis on algorithms for near term devices. Over the last two years at QC Ware, he has worked with customers in finance, automotive, oil and gas, and aerospace industries, leading projects focused on analyzing computationally taxing problems, suggesting appropriate quantum algorithms, and analyzing quantum computational requirements for such problems.
Fabio’s background is in high energy theoretical physics. During his PhD at UC Berkeley, he worked on quantum gravity, holography, the black hole information paradox, and cosmology.