At present Jesse Robbers is “Co-Founder & Director” at QuantumDeltaNL. This new institution was recently established by the Dutch quantum ecosystem of companies, knowledge institutes, and governmental institutions, to accelerate the leading role of the Netherlands in quantum technology. Besides his activities in the Quantum domain he is Sr. Business Consultant at TNO ICT with a specialism in the field of Digital Infrastructure, Internet, Cloud, and Media.
In the past Jesse was CCO at the “Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)” and “Technical Director Benelux” at “Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services”. He fulfilled various roles at KPN, focusing on internet distribution networks and media propositions. Jesse has held several positions in organizations to stimulate new international and joint industry developments, like “Digital Infrastructure Nederland (DINL)”, the “Dutch Media Hub (DMH)” and “Consortium Board Member” at the “National Agenda Quantum Technology (NAQT)”