Dr. Juergen Stuhler (Vice President Quantum Technologies) received diploma and phd in physics from University of Constance/Germany (J. Mlynek group) for atom lithography, laser cooling and trapping of chromium atoms. During a 2-years post-doc stage at LENS – European Laboratory of Non-linear Spectroscopy in Florence/Italy (G. Tino/M. Inguscio group) he built an atom gravimeter to measure the Newtonian gravitational constant. After that, he became atom optics group leader and lecturer at University of Stuttgart/Germany (T. Pfau group), where he led experiments on electromagnetically-induced transparency, Rydberg excitation and BEC in trapped Rb atoms, as well as BEC and dipole-dipole interaction with Cr atoms. In 2006, he joined TOPTICA Photonics, a privately held laser manufacturing company located in Munich-Graefelfing/Germany with today more than 300 employees and key products for applications in quantum technologies (QT), like tunable single-frequency diode lasers from 190 nm to 4000 nm, and pulsed fiber lasers & frequency combs from 420 to 2100 nm. He held several positions such as a Sales Manager Scientific, Product Manager, Project Leader, and Scientific Sales Director. Since 2015, he is responsible for QT efforts at TOPTICA. This comprises leading of product management & applications as well as defining development projects and long-term strategy. In addition to that, he is coordinator of the German quantum technology pilot project “opticlock”, dissemination & exploitation chair in the EU quantum flagship project “QIA” and TOPTICA representative for the EU quantum flagship projects “iqclock” and “aqtion”. Besides QT, he has recently founded TOPTICA Photonics (China) Co., Ltd., where he holds the positions Chairman of the Board and General Manager.