Koen Groenland is Quantum Innovation Officer for QuSoft, the Amsterdam-based Research Center for Quantum Software. In this role, his main task is to make QuSoft’s innovative research useful for commercialization and for society. He is responsible for training programs, education, and workshops, as well as setting up new R&D collaborations and events that cater to the quantum ecosystem.

Koen has a background in theoretical physics. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam on the topic of algorithms for noisy, small-scale quantum computers. He then continued this line of research as a post-doc at the same university. His research interests are on low-level software that optimally uses the native strengths of superconducting circuits, trapped ions, or ultracold atoms. More recently, his focus is drawn to finding novel commercial use-cases for quantum technology, and how these can be integrated in existing business architectures.