Richard Versluis (Rotterdam, 1971) is a principal systems engineer at TNO and engineering lead of the quantum computing division at QuTech, the cooperation between the University of Delft and TNO. He studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente with a focus on control systems and computer engineering (1996) and has a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) degree from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Richard worked as a systems engineer in various high-tech domains such as Semicon, space and oil and gas industry. Since 2014 Richard is working as TNO’s lead scientist and systems engineer in QuTech, contributing to QuTech’s ambition to build the world’s first Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer. As the first step in this program, in April 2020, QuTech launched Quantum Inspire, Europe’s first public online quantum computing platform. Not only does Quantum Inspire include a 5 qubit processor named Starmon-5, but it also provides the world’s first public access to a spin qubit based processor named Spin-2. With this, it is also a unique platform giving direct access to two different qubit technologies.