Roberta Faux is a research scientist with expertise in cryptography, algorithm design, and optimization. As the Director of Advanced Cryptography at BlackHorse Solutions, she orchestrates the development efforts on next generation encryption with a focus on quantum resistant solutions and private AI. Ms. Faux is an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance Quantum-safe Security Working Group. With 12 years of signals intelligence and cryptanalytic experience for the US Department of Defense, she has experience creating sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques to provide analytic solutions for cyber related problems, often in a high-risk high-payoff environment. She has interacted across the US Intelligence Community, Department of State, US Trade Representative, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy and in supporting the White House Interagency Policy Committee for the Cyber Task Force on Standards and Internet Governance. She regularly publishes papers, gives talks and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Colorado and two executive certificates from MIT.