Wil Oxford is founder and CEO of Bra-Ket Science, a spin-out from Southern Methodist University pursuing photonic quantum storage and logic devices. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science from the University of North Carolina in 1987. His dissertation project was one of the world’s first Scanning Electron Microscope-based Integrated Circuit testing systems.
In 1987, Wil joined Apple Computer in Cupertino CA, where he worked on advanced DSP software and mixed-signal IC designs for personal computer use. He was responsible for the architecture and design of the audio subsystems for most of the Macintosh line for well over a decade. In 1995, Wil moved to the joint Apple/IBM/Motorola Design Center in Austin, TX, where he was part of the team that produced several generations of PowerPC CPU designs.
After nearly 14 years at Apple, Wil left for LifeSize Communications, where he was the primary designer of the LifeSize Phone; the world’s most advanced VoIP conference telephony system.
Following LifeSize, Wil founded Rubicon Labs, Inc. and spent the next dozen years developing Rubicon’s Symmetric Zero-Knowledge IoT security platform. This technology was used to provide security services scaling all the way from very low-power edge devices to high performance cloud-based applications.
In 2017, Wil left Rubicon to found Bra-Ket Science. He is the holder of 40 issued US patents, several foreign patents and has many more still pending.